the opposites of my true nature are one


there is the true nature of man, this is the divine nature, since man comes from divine. and there is the nature of man. this is the secular nature. this is a mixture of the devine and human. the opposites that man creates from here are good and bad, and therefore have very negative consequences for a long time. there are also opposites in the divine. the opposites that man creates by god alone and through god have the immediate impression that they are negative, but in the long run, the fleets are postive, resulting in tolerance and variety.

the difference between wether something is created from the divine or from the human is therefore to be recognized by wether something is good in the long run or is only good in the short run. in the long run it always means that the divinde created here. in order to create permanently from the devine, one has to connect with the divine, that works out if you ask for it.