i am - the existence of the children - living in meditation

living in here and now as a state that many religious and spiritual directions advocate and hold as the key to true happiness. where the I overcomes and is exchanged for the true ONE. to me JESUS meant this condition when he said that we must become like children again. free from all negative, condemning from tomorrow and from yesterday. forget everything and just concentrate on now and accept it. many buddhist monks accomplish this through meditation which brings many stages of delvelopment with it. even these people who live in meditation will not stop here. in meditation further development is progessing even faster as it is subject to a different time and space. JESUS meant that his kingdom could have come long ago if his followers did what he asked of them. his instructions are to learn meditiation, to live in meditation, to live in the spirit of GOD in order to evolve faster. it is about recogniszing and living from the I AM status. he wants to remove the dark from this world with our help. we can do this only if we live in meditation - if we become like children - then the concious transformation takes place - the I AM remplaces the earthly ego. then everything in this world counts - it doesn't count before to him - it is not important what we do, as long as it does not happen in the thrue self. this is what is is about the poem I AM.