Vegg04-V means VEG = a very evil grin goes from chaos to order to perfection. This way is presented by numeric symbols. ZERO (0) means chaos, FOUR (4) means order and FIVE ( roman V) means perfection. A square is the symbol for earth, as this process happens on earth.


The journey back home = "heimreise " is the next step to connect with our true, divine self, the supreme consciousness, GOD, which is your own decision to open for it and take the journey.


The end of the journey is where all opposites connect and become one. Shown in X-shape in the logo. It stands for all male & female and their connection. In heaven as on earth.

The inner circle and the outer circle around the  X  have been the shamanistic symbol for heaven and earth ever since. It is the higher, transformed life form for humans in another world, which is a projection of earth, surrounded by heaven - our true place which we are meant to live when we believe in GOD.



The ruling power between the connected two, is the sacred fire, the holy flame, the holy spirit. Here between the heads of the two.


The complete process is symbolised in form of a tree - a very old symbol for life in all kinds of religions.


Vegg04-V products and concept ideas are based on this knowledge. They are modern elements of an old religion which unites everything, christianity, shamanism, buddhism, etc.





Karin Bitterle

footwear designer, founder 

The german learned her profession from the point. After training as a shoe maker at Salamander Shoe & Trend Company, she studied shoe design and accessories at the prestigious Cordwainers College in London (1997). She worked for ESPRIT & SALAMANDER as a shoe designer, before founding her label Vegg04-V. Her design background here is  using devine knowlage about creation, which was given to her in a near death experience, in the age of 25. Since that time she believes in GOD and looks for prove in siences, all kinds of religions such as christianity, buddhism, shamanism,etc, as religion just means connecting with source. Her collection is a modern simile of ancient wisdom about the creation of life.






The "heimreise"/ the journey back home is a pioneering concept in lifestyle which connects homewear & fashion. A unique concept, for both, women and men - a felt collection for indoors and outdoors. Constantly looking for the most practical, sensible solution. Pure reduction! Design which comes up to par!



Vegg04-V creats and transforms the simplest things in unexpected ways...things to feel free, to relax in, to be immersed in feel comfortable with as with an old friend. Listen to the passage of time, listen to the atmosphere, listen to the colours. A pure spirit, a passion for the smallest details - thoughtfull attention, beauty, originality and love of perfection.

All products are full of practical applications, pure fun, enriched to fullfill the senses...practical luxury for every day...


I have a broadly defined design understanding, one, which connects economical, ethical or spiritual knowledge with style. 

The deeper meaning of heimreise / yourney back home  is our journey back to our true spirit; our soul our true nature.

The same processes in design / development of a product, are the development phases in our human, spiritual growth. Vegg04-V gives an example of how to connect opposites when creating with devine rules / backround.





I wanted to create modern house mules for women & men.

I wanted them to be timeless, of simple, modern, multifunctional design. 

I wanted them to fit todays fashion and home styles. I wanted them to work "outside",

I wanted to be able to dash off to the backery without looking ridiculous. Because they should go with a jeans or skirt.

I wanted to use a typical, "old" house slipper material, --felt--, combined with a specialised street sole. I ended up with just the best slippers for both indoor & outdoor wear. 

All other articles in the collection are grouped around the mules. They all accompany them - in or out of the house. I have special interest to make the products match with each other. And every single product should match with its owner, too. Therfore all articles are unisex, for women & men and all are multifunctional.

The collection is hamonious, functional, rudimentary, effortless and fun for every day use. 

The products are handmade in Germany, of highest quality. Unique!

They live through their duality...and reflect the devine design thought fully.



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M A D E   I N   G E R M A N Y

a perfect balance of tradition and modernity, each piece is pervaded by a passion for traditional handcraftsmanship and a fearless quest for innovation. the material we use, the link to our true devine heritage, the design, that combination is unique.