a mule with a generous instep through the v-shaped line. suitable for all instep hights. in the ball area, it has two cuts, thus improving the rolling and it prevents the usual, ugly walking creases in this area.

the toe area is slightly opened, this always guarantees a little air, so you get a healthy foot and shoe climate. the cow insole underlines the cooling effect of real wool felt in summer. the soft wedge in the sole makes the slipper light and very comfortable. after a few weeks, your own footbed is formed by your own weight.

the mules are light and even float on water. the pure wool felt is water-repellent, therefore no reason not to wear it on the beach or at the pool.

size EU 36 - 45

for her & him


simple and very funtional, this is how the shoe box from Vegg04-V presents itself. it is open on the sides, front and back are closed and transparent. unusual views for a shoe! especially when slippers hang in the box. they are securely held in place with elastic straps. such also closes the box at the top. a punched handle on the front and back even save the box. you just carry them home in it. there is a poem card in the bottom of the box.

give the slippers away in this box. And continue to use this box, it is a beautiful design object - hang it open - all sorts of items can be clamped in the elastics ... in your bath, kitchen, office ... shower gel, kitchen tools, magazines ...

                                                                                  reusable box - f.ex. it holds magazines