Vegg04-V always follows the idea of multifuction in every product - for more creativity and reduction of material.

And as Vegg04-V is all about our true nature, this conecpt is the symbol in design as well. In nature there is simplicity combined with variety - shown in a cyle, like the changing season of the years. A tree is growing in its presence and fruits, starting simple and clean in winter, becoming more green and slowly showing leaves and blossoms in spring, up to fruits in summer. Even in autumn it is full of colourful leaves. So most of the time there is variety, but this is based on simplicity. 

So it is in the Vegg04-V collection. Vegg04-V transforms and connects this priciple - when saying 'connecting the opposites' or 'our true nature is oneness'.


Therefore Vegg04-V products are absolute unique - they always come in a simple style but on top of it with several functions and style ideas.

So it is up to you to choose  - be creative yourself! Find even more creative ideas and post them to Vegg04-V on instagram. LOVE YOUR IDEAS!

always SPIRITUAL? 


Vegg04-V 's concept is also symbol of a spiritual development. True devine development in your spirit and mind is comparable to natures cycles. You will be cut down, reduced, have to be still, like a tree in winter. You will have to wait to be allowed to grow when the time is right. Like the beginning of spring. Then there will come a time of fullness and variety to give fruits and nourish others. And be magnificent just the way you look and are.